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HowTo: Theming the Apple CarPlay Icons "Home" and "Now Playing"

Tested on iPhone X iOS 12.4 & iPhone X iOS 13.3

First of all:

Many people such like me are having problems by theming the carplay exclusive icons.
I tried many things and wasted so much time by searching an working solution.

First of all: The carplay icons are stored inside an - On iOS 10-12 its stored in (/System/Library/CoreServices/
On iOS 13 its stored in (/System/Library/CoreServices/
So the normal way would be to edit the file, but this can be a big problem if you are an windows user and don´t have any chance to using an mac for this.
So because of this you will need an tweak that is able to theme files inside an, this feature was available in previous versions of Anemone until CoolStar removed it.
Also snowboard with it´s extensions is unable to do this.
The theming engine you will need is iThemer.

Theming the icons:

You have to store your themed icons inside the SpringBoard bundle (iOS 12) or CarPlay bundle (iOS 13).
Note: the home icon doesn´t need anything in it because your car will add the inlay automatically.
The home icon is called "" and the Now Playing icon is called "".
Both icons are having a resolution of 180x180px, i haven´t tried any other resulutions but i think you are able to use bigger files for an better quality.

Summarized again:

Filenames: &

Theming path:

(iOS 12) /Library/Themes/yourtheme.theme/Bundles/ & (iOS 13) /Library/Themes/yourtheme.theme/Bundles/